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Michael J. Manz lives in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley and is a rare bookseller by trade. Except for a few years spent in Chicago, he is a lifelong New Englander. The only place he’d rather be, at least some of the time, is Paris, where he has been known to wander the streets in search of old bookshops, great cafes and forgotten bars. He is the past organizer of the Protagonists and Procrastinators writers’ group and has from childhood been scratching away at some kind of story or another. Michael holds a BA in English from Keene State College. The Glass Tree is his first novel.​

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Tim Hulsizer was born in NJ but has long since become a die-hard New Englander. His love of cats is only rivaled by his love of movies, writing and art. Wielding his film degree in one hand and a camera in the other, he has roamed the world from Japan to England and Australia. He is currently working on screenplays and his first novel.

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With dreams of being a professional Beach Volleyball Astrophysicist Astronaut Air Force Pilot dashed, Tom decided to graduate with a Film degree and side of Math classes instead. Being born in Massachusetts, raised in Ohio, graduating college in New Hampshire and finally settling in Los Angeles has provided the stable background necessary for living the life of a fugitive screenwriter. Tom is currently writing a screenplay, listening to Rush, and watching Star Trek. He is the life force behind The Film Basement podcast which can be found at all major podcast outlets. 

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Mark Nelson is the General Manager at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, PA, the all-35mm, all-retro Drive-In theater. He previously spent 20 years in the video production world, first at a small NH production company, and later at a public access TV station. Mark’s love of film developed at a young age, with frequent trips to the local theaters, Drive-Ins, video stores, and endless sunny summer days spent inside in front of the TV.  A Film Studies degree led to the syndicated public access horror host series SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL and THE CINEMANIACS, a long-running film review show that airs on public access around the country and can be found on YouTube.  For several years, he’s been a part of THE FILM BASEMENT podcast, a deep dive into various films and genres.

He's now the producer and co-host of MAHONING DRIVE-IN RADIO, a weekly podcast from The Mahoning Drive-In Theater detailing the inner workings of the theater, as well as interviews with guests who are connected to Drive-Ins or films closely associated with them. 

Mark appears in the award-winning 2017 documentary AT THE DRIVE-IN, directed by Alexander Monelli, about The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, and the 2015 French documentary DRIVE-IN. 

Mark loves THE CANNONBALL RUN (the inspiration for many road trips and a couple of cross-country drives), The Monkees, T. Rex, record stores and grape bubblegum. 

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